Aims & Objectives

To bring together under a unified forum the heads of various disciplines covering aspects like Planning, Design, Construction, Maintenance & Operation in a modern built environment since they comprise of buildings that are complex systems which are designed & constructed by experts. While each element plays an important role, Services contribute the largest expenditure towards Capital & Operation cost. Their design & upkeep are crucial for successful operation and its resiliency is a key for the building to operate even under adverse conditions.

  1. Initiate synergy and a cohesive working platform for the services component encompassing Air Conditioning, Public Health Engineering, Electrical Installation, Mechanical Ventilation, Vertical Transport System, Information & Communication Technology, Solid waste Management, Gas Supply, Fire Protection and Life Safety, Access Control, Security Management & Integrated Building Management.
  2. Developing competence amongst the members by knowledge sharing, training, rewards and recognition /certification.
  3. Organise Exhibitions and trade fairs, both industry-wide and sectoral, bring together stakeholders and enable stronger connectivity.
  4. Engage with and influence policymakers, authorities and officials etc., to represent industry viewpoint on emerging trends and help shape policies/ standards/ codes.
  5. Represent industry to the government and act as a conduit to convey industry voice to the government authorities on critical issues impacting industry performance
  6. Disseminate to its members, information on key industry issues, best practices across a wide spectrum of fields, by way of conference, seminars, training programs, refresher programs, publications.
  7. Support members to become more productive and efficient in order to match global benchmarks and compete globally.
  8. Provide solutions to the challenges faced by various verticals.