Key Advantages

FOCUS is the only forum or platform in India and possibly the world, addressing the holistic needs of all Critical Utility Services together.

The key advantages achievable by FOCUS in a building will be as follows:

Lifetime Performance

The owners have to ensure that their building performs optimally, efficiently & safely within the given tolerance wherein performance of all the services is the key and individual life cycle for each component has to be in tune with the life of the building and premise as a whole. Part 12 of NBC 2016 focuses on Assets & Facility Management for integrated and holistic performance of various asset classes in buildings. FOCUS aims to build upon the individual performance of the critical utility services with Asset Facility Management Companies along with critical utility services operators and maintenance groups.

Building Information Modelling (BIM), Management Information services (MIS) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) with central command facilities shall help assess adherence to functional performance service benchmark levels. In the process, safe & secure working of all subsystems and their inter dependence get highlighted. The Capex and Opex issues shall thereafter come into focus for the Owner, Builder and User of the premises

Regulatory Control

The multiple Regulatory Authorities like Municipal Corporation, Fire Officer, Electrical Inspectorate, Lift Inspectorate, Pollution Control Board, etc., have a unified access point for enforcement compliance of various regulations


Inter dependency and coordination of various sub-systems gets highlighted and emerges as a need of the hour.


Provide user friendly and client friendly environment for ensuring operational performance with accountable yardsticks and deliverables.

Sustainable Development

Play a unifying & catalyst role to achieve a sustainable development. Thus FOCUS helps increase Reliability, Resiliency & Operational Efficiency in a built environment that makes sound business sense to all stakeholders and adds value to all.